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New from Hereford Imports

Introducing: HUDSON- a hand loomed flat weave pile with a raised shaggy wool pattern. There are 3 blended colors in the background and a solid trellis. Lots of fun!

This is Toledo from the Banu Collection. Our client wanted to put this in a kids room and have it soft, durable and kid friendly. So we made it in all wool. We think it turned out great!
A reminder, everything we have we can switch over in fibers, colors, qualities and so on…the sky’s the limit here.

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A Vintage Vineyard Master Bedroom

From Design Carpets of Argentina, a bespoke cowhide area rug made in a study of grey panels and a grey brindle border to add a little zip! This deliciously stylish room is still evolving, so stay tuned for more images as this beautiful bedroom comes together..

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Bespoke area rug from Glenn Carpet NYC!

Another bespoke area rug produced by Glenn Carpet NYC, supplier of exquisite carpets and area rugs. Positively scrumptious, Glenn!

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STG Carpets Monthly Newsletter

An excerpt from their October Newsletter:

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B.I.C. Carpets

B.I.C. Carpets presents some great new qualities for Surfaces…
Download a catalog preview!

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Wools of New Zealand’s LANEVE brand

Consumers increasingly seek authentic products made of natural materials with genuine integrity. These attributes are captured in a new brand from Wools of New Zealand called Laneve. Laneve is a companion to the Wools of New Zealand brand, going beyond the excellence of the product to attest to the sustainability and traceability of the wool […]

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Timberlake Textiles

Welcome to my Blog! Please return often for news and updates.

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